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Web Photos

Sorry but I have not had enough webs sent it to pick Web of the Month Awards any more, but you can still check out past winners and their webs below. I'll still keep putting webs on this page so send them in!  There are 2 types of spiders -  the hunting spiders like the wolf spiders and tarantulas and the web spinning spiders like the Argiopes and Garden Orb Weavers. All spiders can spin silk but only the web spinning spiders spin webs for their homes.  Check out my new page on web construction here. Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission.

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2 November, 2009:
This was in my backyard yesterday, it easily measured over 150'x150' and was not a group of different webs but appeared to be one... Blue skies, Stephen

Click photo for a larger view

23 September,  2009:
Hi again: I took this picture of a spider web and although it was very big and the whole web was on my front lawn I think the angle of this picture makes it look like it's out in the street to catch cars! I wanted to take a picture of the spider in the web (a surprisingly small one), but my camera isn't made for this sort of thing and wouldn't focus on it (it didn't help that I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes), I didn't want to capture the spider for pictures and identification and risk ruining this particular web. I wonder if this was an especially good year for spiders in my area as I have never seen so many different kinds in and around my home before. (In two months I've probably seen 20 species without trying or ever leaving my small yard) There are a lot of others I've wanted to photograph, but my camera couldn't focus on the webs. I have a handful of other spider pictures I'll be sending soon. Picture taken by me and free for anyone to use. -Laura Lee.

Click photo for a larger view

More from Cynthia: Glen, Hello. Thanks for answering my note. Here's another photo I took the same day trying to show the spider itself. It's hard to see -- it's between the center of the red maple leaves on the left and what appears to be an oval hole in the web lower to the right. The two-part body is the main thing you can make out' the legs are small. I met Jeremy Houser today. He works for The Nature Conservancy on the Vineyad here and studied spiders at university. He ID'd it as a common spider named "filmy dome spider." the adults die out about this time of year and the babies' webs aren't so noticeable, so I got it at just the right time. Best regards, Cynthia
9 August, 2009:
The spider itself was at the top inside. Small, about 1cm, with pale yellow and maybe brown stripes. There were many of these webs the morning I saw them, but I don't see them often. They appear to be 3-D rather than 2, and created by something more like felting than weaving. Many short fine threads with no obvious pattern. All were roughly spherical with the denser area at the top as seen here. My home in on Martha's Vineyard island in Massachusetts. Thanks for any help. Feel free to use the photo on your page of webs if you like. -- Cynthia

Click photo for a larger view

4 April, 2009:
I have a photo if you want it, its not great and sadly contains no spiders, but it shows the busy work ethic. The photo was taken in Paraguay, the night before there was no evidence, the next morning/afternoon is when I too the shot. It is a group of bushes completely covered in web.


Reply: I've never seen a web like this one before!!

3 March, 2009:
Can you identify this web? I've never seen anything like it.

Click photo for a larger view


7 November, 2008:
Glen: Here are some photos of a web in the morning dew. Do you know what spider was the artist? It was in Virginia, USA. Take care & thanks again for a great web site!! Daniela
 Click photo for a larger view

12 October, 2008:
Hi Glen I love your website on spiders even though I really don't like spiders. I can't believe the number of different spiders there are in each spider family. Some are really pretty and others really gross. I have cringed at some photos I have seen. I live approx. 3 hours north of Toronto, Ontario and took this photo of a spider's web in early September of this year but can't identify what type of spider made it. As you can see in the one photo, the spider is at the entrance of the "funnel" but I do believe it is dead. I have looked up Funnel Weavers, Nursery Spiders and Tent Spiders, but most photos only show the spider itself and not the web. The web photos I have found, don't match this one. The "funnel" is approx. 2 inches long and is in a spruce tree approx. 3 feet off the ground. The spruce tree is on my front lawn. My son found the same type of web in a wetland near Sudbury, Ontario. Do you have any idea what type of spider made this web? Thank you for your time, help and great website. Karen
Click photo for a larger view

16 August,  2008:
Thought you might like the picture of this Orb Weaver Web, How long does it take them to build this web? Thanks for the info and photo we are glad he is not Brown Recluse. Jeff

 Click photo for a larger view

16 August,  2008:
Spider_ - 188 Nephila from Dawn's deck, Bali

 Click photo for a larger view

27 April, 2008:
I am from Houston, TX and found three of the same type of spider and web all in one tree.  I am not sure what type of spider this is, maybe you might be able to help me identify it. It seems to be nocturnal. I have yet to see any of the spiders during the day.
Hope you enjoy the photo. Thanks, Veronica

Click photos below for a larger view

8 February, 2008:
Hello Glen, Love the website. I've attached four pics I made in the two days since I discovered this Gold webweaver in my backyard here in Sebring, FL. I found the web covered with dew before she cut it down and went back after dark to take the pics of the owner. Hope you like them, William

Click for a larger view

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