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Web Photos

Send in your webs! I have heaps of photos of spiders, but very few of webs, so send them in!   I'll pick a "WEB OF THE MONTH " or maybe year going by the lack of photos at present, and feature it in larger size. There are 2 types of spiders, the hunting spiders like the wolf spiders and tarantulas and the web spinning spiders like the Argiopes and Garden Orb Weavers. All spiders can spin silk but only the web spinning spiders spin webs for their homes.  Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission.

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APRIL - JULY, 2007

Winner this month is Krisit's great shot of a web covered in dew. The web formation is great and this is why I chose this shot! Congratulations!!


20 July, 2007:
Hi! I was browsing your website trying to identify a spider that we took a video of and noticed you are interested in spiderweb photos. I have the perfect photo but it doesn't have the spider in it...just the web. We had a foggy morning here with dew on everything a couple years ago in the fall. My husband and I walked around the yard that morning and our entire yard was covered with spiderwebs. When I came across this beauty I had to run in and grab my camera! Anyways you have my permission to post it to your site if you'd like. I've attached the photo. Thank you! Kristi

Click for a larger view.


16 July, 2007:
Some web photos of an Garden Orb Weaver and I think a Venusta Orchard Spider, from Brennan. Click for a larger view.

Reply: Really amazing to see these spiders living in such large colonies. They appear to be some sort of garden orb weaver.

6 June, 2007:
Hi Glen...I found your site while attempting to identify some spiders that my husband and I found. Last July we were driving along Walker Lake in Nevada. As we left the roadway and drove down toward the lake, every single bush, weed, guard rail, picnic bench...everything was encased in spider webs! The more we looked, the more spiders we saw...the bushes were simply alive with spiders...hundreds of thousands of spiders! I'm creeped out by spiders but this sight was so incredible that we spent more than an hour photographing them and being awed by them. The nearest town is Hawthorne and no one we spoke to could tell us anything about them other than they invade the area every summer and die out when winter cold hits. Is it common for so many spiders to live so closely to each other? We really hope that you might help us to identify them and learn a bit about this phenomenon. Attached are some of the photos that we took. These are 4 mega pixel photos, so you can enlarge them to see them better. In photo P7030009, not only can you count nearly 100 spiders in the one bush, you can see other bushes in the background encased in webs filled with spiders! Thanks for your time... John & Cindy

Click for a larger view.


6 June, 2007:
Hi Glen, Just to keep in touch, some ground webs with rain. Take care, Eddie

Click for a larger view.


7 May, 2007:
Hi there,
I thought you might be interested in the following E-mail that I recently sent to my grandson. It is self explanatory. If you have the time to respond I would be very interested to know if this is a regular occurrence or whether we were rather privileged to witness it. We are on acreage at Gardners Bay, Tas. Regards, Gay

It was a glorious morning, hot and sunny, and Norbie and I were leaning on the tray of the Dodge in the driveway for nearly an hour chatting to one of the neighbours. I kept feeling the 'tickles' and when I turned to walk towards the house to make some coffee I could see and feel threads of cobweb pulling from my clothes to both the car and the fence. When we looked around, we could see more threads that seemed to be attached to anything and
everything above ground level and they were multiplying before our very eyes. The paddocks in front, one moment green in the sun, gradually changed until they appeared to be covered with drifts of frost. I walked to the fence from which emerged hundreds more silky threads, each attached to whatever 'anchor' the tiny spiders could reach in their first moments as they drifted through the air. We were experiencing our own special
'Charlott's web' right here at Dolphins Way! the fence posts and wires were thick with baby spiders and when I walked into the paddock for a closer look I could see literally thousands of them clinging to the grass tips. It was truly the most amazing sight and we felt very privileged to be able to witness it. Norbert had to go into Cygnet to the hardware shop and said ours appeared to be the only property on which the spiders were hatching. Their mothers must have known it was a safe place to bring them into the world, don't you think? 
Click for a larger view.

11 April, 2007:
Hello, I live in Northern NSW, just south of Tweed Heads. I found this amazing web in my garden and photographed it. I found your site while trying to identify the spider that made this web It's quite a large web, very intricate, almost like a suspended parachute. It's messy around the outside but the 'parachute' is incredibly woven. I took these photos early in March and it's still there four weeks later. Do you have any idea what it could be? Please feel free to use these pics. You may need to zoom to fit. Regards, Jo-Ann
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