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Web Photos

Send in your webs! I have heaps of photos of spiders, but very few of webs, so send them in!   I'll pick a "WEB OF THE MONTH " or maybe year going by the lack of photos at present, and feature it in larger size. There are 2 types of spiders, the hunting spiders like the wolf spiders and tarantulas and the web spinning spiders like the Argiopes and Garden Orb Weavers. All spiders can spin silk but only the web spinning spiders spin webs for their homes.  Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission.

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A few more entries this month. Nearly picked my own web photos but thought that might be cheating!! hehe Hard to choose this month again, I really like Raj's web with the water droplets but the winner this month is Joe H. for his great shot of a black and yellow argiope with the stabilimentum showing in the sunlight behind it!! Congratulations Joe!!


23 January, 2006:
A photo i took recently. i don't know what kind of spider it is, but its colors, and its web were beautiful,  Danny

Click for a closer look.


11 January, 2006:
Hi Glen ! This is Wolf Spiders Web-
Rich Swanner


Click for a larger view. 

8 January, 2006:
Bottom view of St Andrews Cross and stabilimentum. G. Crew


8 January, 2006:
Not the best time of year to photo webs in Nova Scotia just now.  Will work on webs next summer. Bill Turner

Click for a larger view. 


2 January, 2006:
Hi! Nice pick for last month's Web of the Month. To keep up the competition, I've decided to add a few more pics to the page. Thank You!
Joe H.

Click for a larger view. 


2 January, 2006:
Hi, This is more of an artistic shot, taken just outside Disneyland in LA. It had just rained and the water droplets were clearly visible in the web. You can just see the spider too but it is not a clear shot. Cheers, Raj

Click for a larger view.

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