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Web Photos

Send in your webs! I have heaps of photos of spiders, but very few of webs, so send them in!   I'll pick a "WEB OF THE MONTH " or maybe year going by the lack of photos at present, and feature it in larger size. There are 2 types of spiders, the hunting spiders like the wolf spiders and tarantulas and the web spinning spiders like the Argiopes and Garden Orb Weavers. All spiders can spin silk but only the web spinning spiders spin webs for their homes.  Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission.

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MARCH - MAY, 2006

29 May, 2006:
From Edwin, some great shots of spiderlings in their web. Click for a larger view.


9 May, 2006:
These flicks were taken in my backyard. Very intresting web

The Doon School
Dehradun, Uttranchal-248001

Click for a larger image.


8 May, 2006:
HI Glen, If your not getting too many, then here is another one to help you out. Regards, Eddie

Click for a larger image.


Reply: Congratulations Eddie, you are the Web of the Month for March - May, 2006!!

 5 May, 2006:
Hi Glen, A couple more webs for you. This one appears to have a dead spider outside and a live one inside. Is it worth posting on your site? Cheers, Eddie


26 April, 2006:
I have attached pictures of a spider that has re-appeared in my back yard. It only comes out at night. In the past few years, it has been making it's web pretty high up, between 2 orange trees. One year, however, the web was HUGE.... stretching at least five feet wide. This year it has been making a web between a banana tree and a hanging planter (pole). Can you help me to identify if this is a poisonous spider or not? The pale yellow body is slightly smaller than a dime. The legs are mainly orange with brownish/black where they attach to the body. It is very difficult to get a good color picture of this spider. I have tried using a flashlight sitting in another hanging plant. This is the best I have been able to do so far. Thank you, Nancy Click for a larger photo


2 April, 2006:
Glen, More photos. These two spiders (the one in photos 19. 20. and 21 appear to be an orb weaver?) were building their webs within inches of each other in my front porch. Can you tell what the smaller one may be. My digital camera could not give me a clearer shot of the spider, Iím sorry to say. Danny Brownsville, TX  Click for a larger photo


Reply: Your spider will probably survive relocation, but you cannot expect her to stay where ever you move it too. I usually move those kind of spiders on my house so I can watch it more closely. Joe
7 March, 2006:
Dear Glen, Just a quick question - I'm moving house and have a beautiful orb spider resident in the backyard. I suspect that when I move my housemate will kill her. If i catch her in a jar and take her with me to the new place, will she survive relocation? I know, its probably a silly question! Thanks, Jude
Click for a larger photo

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